The sacrament of Holy Baptism is celebrated during one of the principle Sunday liturgies and is governed by the Canons of the church and the Book of Common Prayer. Baptism is normally celebrated on one of the four appropriate feast days designated in the Book of Common Prayer. These are: The Baptism of Our Lord; The Great Vigil of Easter; Pentecost; and All Saints Sunday. Other Sundays may be chosen, if necessary, with the advise of the clergy. Baptism instruction will be provided for parents and godparents beforehand.

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Gloria Dei Church has been since colonial times and continues today to be a popular venue for those who wish to wed. Couples married at Gloria Dei are also invited to renew their vows at our annual Valentine's Day Service (on the nearest Sunday). 

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Funerals and Interment

When death occurs a family member is asked to contact the clergy so that timely arrangements for a funeral may be made. It is appropriate for the funeral of a Christian to take place in the church. It is also appropriate that funeral arrangements be made in advance and kept in a file in the church office. Burial plots are available for the Christian community in the newly opened Amandus Johnson section of our historic churchyard. Consult the church office for costs and details.

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