"Make a Glorious Noise"

These words are the unofficial motto of Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Episcopal Church

Shortly after Reverend David Rivers arrived in 1972 a choir spontaneously arose like a phoenix from ashes. At times it has numbered as many as 18 beautifully blending voices, and coupled with the exuberant congregation, heavenly music often resounded. Little wonder then that the time came when the pangs to do a "show" afflicted more than a few of the members. As luck would have it, we were blessed with a brilliant and eccentric choir director Paul Fejko, a few congregants with professional theater experience and others who were just plain hams.

Throughout the 1990s, we produced musicals at Gloria Dei. The first was GodSpell, followed by Celebrate Life, Jesus Christ Superstar, Brother Mo' (as in Moses) and The Tale of David. The latter two productions are original works written by collaborations including John and Julie Rivers (children of our former rector, David Rivers), music director Paul Fejko, Gene Sweeney and Michael Boonie.

Since then times and demographics have changed. So also has music at Gloria Dei. In 2010, we purchased a three octave set of Malmark 'Hand Chimes'. Any and all who would like to contribute talent are welcome to contact music director Paul Fejko.