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Hello, Gloria Dei!

Good news!! We have an Interim Priest! Rev. Dr. Koshy Mathews has agreed to be our Interim Rector for the next two years as we prepare to call a new permanent rector.

The Vestry was unanimous in our excitement and pleasure at finding Rev. Koshy. And he is excited to be with us. The official start will be July 1st, but if we’re allowed to gather prior to that Rev. Koshy has agreed to serve as a Sunday Missioner for a few weeks as well.

Rev. Koshy retired from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Phoenixville last summer after a 13 year run as Rector. He and his wife Susan will be living in the rectory here at Gloria Dei. We, the vestry, think you’ll find Rev. Koshy and Susan wonderful, caring, calm, and all around pleasant people to be around. Please join me in welcoming Rev. Koshy and Susan to our Gloria Dei family!

Below you will find a taped sermon that Rev. Koshy delivered Mother's Day 2019.

Jim Ufheil